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Wallpaper Paintable 10m Roll Pattern #1


  • Paintable textured wallpaper instantly adds interest to any room
  • Features a modern square and rectangle pattern that creates movement
  • Dirt and some water-based stains can be cleaned off with a cloth and soapy water
  • Covers 56sq ft of wall with a 25.2in repeating pattern
Give any room in your home an instant style refresh with this Paintable Wallpaper from Graham & Brown. This paintable wallpaper features a modern pattern of squares and rectangles that adds texture and movement to any space. Its white finish can be painted any colour for a variety of decor options, while its washable design allows dirt and water-based stains to easily be removed with a cloth and soapy water. This textured paintable wallpaper comes in a 25.2-inch repeating pattern, making it easy to create just the aesthetic you want in any room with a simple and easy process.