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Keeping the exterior walls of a home or building looking newly painted for longer can be a challenge, especially with the harsh South African weather conditions. Walls naturally expand and contract, which can result in cracked and peeling paint.
The solution? The newly released Plascon TradePro BarrierTEX is a textured paint for exterior walls that exceeds in durability and appearance with market leading MicroFlex Technology.
Laboratory research has shown that competitor offering are less flexible than Plascon TradePro BarrierTEX. This results in a more brittle coating, which cracks and peels more quickly. Understanding the gap in the market for a better product with enhanced flexibility, Plascon stepped in with a product aimed at both residential consumers and professional contractors alike.
To achieve a longer-lasting textured effect, the innovative Plascon TradePro BarrierTEX is formulated with Microflex Technology for enhanced flexibility to manage the stresses of the environment. It has been created specifically with the micro movements of walls in mind. This revolutionary exterior coating has a textured finish which also hides plaster imperfections and provides a quality, reliable and long-lasting coating. Plascon TradePro BarrierTEX will ensure that your exterior walls remain crack-free for longer with a reduced rate of peeling. 
Coming in 12 trendy colours, Plascon TradePro BarrierTEX ensures convenience and provides a diverse range of colour choices. For those in search of a lighter exterior, the gentle hues of Karoo Clay (UBT 004), Glazed Cement (UBT 008), Linden Manor (UBT 006) and Tremor (UBT 010) are all ideal options. If you are in search of a bolder colour, you can take your pick from Dark Knight (UBT 005), Thrashed Wheat (UBT 007), Sprinkle (UBT 009) and Typhoon (UBT 011).
Plascon BarrierTEX with Microflex Technology gives you more flexibility to choose your own colours with, two tint bases – a pastel and deep – for enhanced efficacy. You’ll be able to select your preferred colour from a wide range of Plascon Inspired Colours. A first for the Plascon textured range, a 1-litre pack will be available to make sampling and touch-ups much easier.
Plascon TradePro BarrierTEX offers a powerful combination of enhanced flexibility thanks to the latest technology; that textured aesthetic appeal you’ve come to love; and a contemporary colour range. All these advantages are backed with the formidable Plascon TradePro BarrierTEX 8-year guarantee, so that your exterior can boast that ‘newly painted’ look for longer.


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